Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cutting Service

We now do in house diamond cutting for any wheels up to 24”. Wheels must have been diamond cut previously for us to cut them again, but we can still cut the wheel if the diamond cut surface has been painted over.

Only the best

Our qualified team of staff will ensure that the diamond cut you receive is the best possible for the state of your wheels. We only let customers leave with work we’re proud of, and if not, we will work with you to ensure we fix anything that hasn’t turned out right.

What is Diamond Cutting?

Diamond cut wheels are the wheels you will have seen around that are two toned; most likely silver and black, but they can be other colours too. To achieve this effect, the wheels are painted all one colour, then we put them into our diamond cutting machine. The machine has to plot the shape of the wheel before our experienced team check to make sure the design is correct. Once this has been confirmed, the cutting process commences, shaving off fractions of a millimetre of paint to create the two toned effect. After the wheel has had the final polishing cut, lacquer is applied over the top to seal everything in and the wheels are ready to be fitted.

The Full Process

A standard diamond cut service will include:

  • An inspection of the wheels for previous repairs done
  • Removal of the wheels from the car (if necessary)
  • Removal of the tyres, valves and wheel weights
  • Removal of all paint via chemical stripping
  • Welding done and any buckles removed if necessary (can be subject to a surcharge, but we will always consult you before going ahead)
  • Sandblasting to ensure all paint is removed and surface is prepared for new paint
  • Powder coat primer applied and set
  • Either powder coat or wet spray colour applied (depending on your colour choice)
  • Diamond cutting
  • Powder coat lacquer
  • New valves and refitting of tyres
  • Wheels balanced
  • Wheels refitted to car if necessary

Important Things to Remember

  • Diamond cutting removes tiny fractions of the alloy, which consequently means the alloy can weaken each time diamond cutting is done and wheels can only be diamond cut a certain amount of times. If you are worried about the strength of your alloy, please speak to one of our technicians.
  • Because the diamond cutting process removes the primer and paint from part of the wheel, leaving parts with only lacquer, it can be more vulnerable to corrosion, and for this reason we only guarantee diamond cut wheels for 3 months instead of the 12 months that we guarantee on our regular refurbishments.

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