Do you know that the wear and tear of regular driving can leave wheels looking damaged and tired? Well, scratches, bumps, stones and the general degradation caused by adverse weather conditions can significantly affect the condition of your car’s wheels. And, seeking professional powder coating services in Cleveland can be the key to restore your wheels to their best and leave them looking like new.

Wondering why you should choose powder coating instead of the conventional spray painting? Check out the handy guide below to know what makes powder coating the better option.

When it comes to adding colour to your car and customising your ride, there are a plethora of options out there. Getting your car powder coated can be the ideal way to make your car look attractive and coat it with a durable and tough finish. Many vehicle owners use this process to enhance the colour of wheels, body panels as well as trim pieces by applying a coloured powder onto the surface.

Here’s everything you need to know about what makes powder coating a better choice.

Why Is Powder Coating Better Than Spray Painting?

Powder coating alloy wheel is a superior technique than painting for numerous reasons. Powder coating is a better alternative to traditional wet paint and involves coating with dry powder which is later heated and cured to produce a durable, hard and attractive finish.

A major difference between powder coating and conventional spray painting is that the former’s process does not entail the use of solvents to keep the binder and filler parts in liquid suspension form. This means that powder coating is beneficial not only for the environment but also for the pocket.

3 Good Reasons To Opt For Powder Coating Services in Cleveland

  1. Better Coatings

One of the major reasons why you should opt for powder coatings is that it helps in fighting corrosion. Coatings caused from dry powders are coherent, homogenous and even free from porosity formed by solvent evaporation. This makes them more corrosion resistant than painting. Moreover, powder coating your car produces a layer which is twice as thick as the traditional paint. Another great advantage of these coatings is their ability and flexibility to bend and yield with the material.

  1. Environmental

There are no Volcanic Organic Compounds or solvents in powder coatings, making it an environmentally-friendly product. Waste generated from powder coating is not hazardous to the environment and can thus be disposed of easily in a landfill. On the other hand, wet paint includes dangerous chemicals which deplete the ozone and produces hazardous waste which needs to be treated and removed in a very energy-inefficient process.

  1. Production Efficiency

A powder-coated product is completely cured within 20 minutes and is ready to be put to work. This means that you can put a powder coated piece to work even when it is still hot to touch and not even worry about ruining the finish. On the other hand, standard liquid paints can take several days to get completely cured. Powder coating has thus become a more popular option due to its production efficiency.

Time to powder coat your car and reap the great benefits!