Though you don’t have to worry about the visual appeal or performance of the alloy wheels in your new car, their quality deteriorates with the passage of time. The best you can do is to refurbish them using the traditional paint and lacquer approach or powder coating them. The latter has become quite popular nowadays as they not only help in enhancing the beauty of your alloy wheels but also offer numerous benefits. There are numerous companies scattered all over Cleveland offering powder coating services at the most competitive prices.

The Process

Alloy wheel powder coating is basically the process through which alloy wheels are coated for a decorative finish. Professionals offering alloy refurbs spray the coating like traditional paint, the primary difference between them is the time taken for the paint to dry. Liquid paint takes a long time while powder coating settles and dries on the surface quickly. The coating is then heated to makes the paint flow out and gives a gel-like texture to the surface of your wheels.

If you are opting for pre-spray service to repair the bodywork or scratches in your car, the professional will lacquer the alloy wheel powder coatings over the top to keep them protected against light scratches, pollution, wash swirls and UV damages.

Why Has Its Demand Increased?

The demand for alloy wheels powder coating has enhanced drastically in the last few years as they offer numerous benefits. As compared to the traditional paint respray, the finish offered by powder coating is more durable and harder. If you have not opted for the service yet just because you think that powder coating the rim will soften the aluminium lying below, it’s high time you debunk the myth.

Just visit a reliable company offering powder coating services and their professionals will efficiently clean and treat the wheels before powder coating them. This helps in getting rid of gases from the pores of the metal, you don’t have to worry about bubbles breaking and damaging the appeal of the surface after the final paint.

How Is Alloy Wheels Powder Coated?

  • The entire wheel is removed from the car so that you can rebalance them after powder coating the wheels.
  • An experienced alloy wheel cleaner cleans and degreases the wheels manually.
  • Tougher particles are sandblasted to loosen and remove them
  • The trickiest grime is removed by sanding the wheels manually
  • A cleaner and brush is used to clean the wheels
  • Gas is removed from the rim by heating it in an industrial oven
  • A specialist gun spray is used to powder coat the alloy wheels
  • The powder coating changes to gel and spreads evenly on the wheel’s surface
  • The wheels are set through heat treatment.

Since your knowledge about powder coating has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for reliable professionals offering the service.